Niederegger Christmas Selection Basket -  232 g/8.25 oz

Niederegger Christmas Selection Basket - 232 g/8.25 oz

Item No. NIE070221
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Niederegger Christmas Basket
This Niederegger Christmas mix unfolds into a colorful Christmas Basket after opening. You could share these popular Niederegger specialities but you don't have to ...
Christmas selection : marzipan Christmas star, cinnamon star, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, thaler, pineapple classic, classic mini, good luck piglet
The secret of Niederegger marzipan has been handed down from generation to generation in our family run business since 1806.
We choose only the best and most aromatic almonds from the Mediterranean region and prepare them overan open fire in a roasting cauldron using traditional methods and skilled craftsmanship.
Naturally, Niederegger meets the hightest quality requirements and there is no added sugar.
Taste the difference!
Net weight: 232 g/8.25 oz
Genuine Niederegger Marzipan
Imported from Germany


Niederegger Bunter Teller
Bunter Teller : Marzipan Weihnachtsstern, Zimtstern, Weihnachtsmann, Tannenbaum, Taler, Ananas-Klassiker®, Klassiker® Mini, Glücksschweinchen
Netto Gewicht: 232 g/8.25 oz
Echtes Niederegger Marzipan
Importiert aus Deutschland